Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Scan Encouraged Through Video and Brochure

Cancer is a very common and cruel disease. It occurs in many forms and can affect all organs of the body. A very common type of cancer is lung cancer which affects most cancer patients worldwide. This cancer is due to many different pollutants that we breathe in including burnt substances, smoking and other habits. Thus, it is important for the mass population to constantly scan for the cancer to be able to detect it at an early stage.

A study was conducted and led by PhD holder Sam M. Janes with the name of “Impact of a Lung Cancer Screening Information Film on Informed Decision-Making: A Randomized Trial”. The study included the use of 229 participants who have symptoms that might lead to lung cancer. The focus of the study is to understand what motivates people to take a step forwards towards scanning for cancer in order to encourage its use.

The results were shocking and were published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. According to the sample taken, a larger percentage of people were more interested in taking the scan for lung cancer after watching a video and receiving a brochure. The scan is important as it reduces the death rate by lung cancer by a total of 20%.

Dr. Sam commented on his results saying, “We used feedback from other patients eligible for lung cancer screening to create a film that individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds could understand and that presented the information in a clear, simple and palatable manner.”