Leukemia Might Be On The Verge Of Being Treated

Cancer is a very dangerous disease with many different negative effects on the human body. Cancer have become very viral in our modern times and affects a large part of the human population. The disease exists in many forms and affects many different organs which is why it is hard to handle. Only a few treatments do exist for the a few types of cancer, while the other types can only be controlled or are fatal.

Blood cancer is one of the worst and most aggressive forms of cancer that can affect the body. It directly causes defects in the blood cells which will defect all body functions and can spread easily and quickly. However, a recent study conducted by a team of scientist from the University of Manchester, Harvard Medical School and the Université de Tours have shown that this type cancer has a weak point which might be used to help create a treatment for the diseases.

The study was led by a professor of Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London called Kamil Kranc together with Dónal O’Carroll, a professor at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Biological Sciences. They published their study in the Cell Stem Cell journal.

They commented on the results obtained saying, “Our work sets the stage for therapeutic targeting of cancer stem cells in leukemia while enhancing the regenerative capacity of normal blood stem cells. We hope this will establish a new paradigm in cancer treatment. The study shows the promise of a novel class of drugs as the basis for cancer and regenerative medicine treatments.”