Leading the Way in Genomic Research is Advanced Data Management:

Next Generation Sequencing or NGS was first introduced in the early 2000’s. More and more institutions since then have started to use this technology which promises a low expense and high-throughput sequencing. This method of genetic sequencing produces a large amounts of sequencing information which helps in accelerating precision or custom medicine development.
Although NGS has brought about a revolution in the field of genomic research, handling and analyzing the staggering amounts of data produced is still an obstacle. Cloud based information platforms have increasingly been the go-to solution for data management of such experiments. Companies like Google and Amazon Web Services have considerably increased their investments in this area.
One such example can be seen in rise of laboratory information management systems (LIMSs) deployed by various organizations. Multiple cloud-based informatics platforms provide the infrastructure needed for any organization to collect, analyze, share and store data collected during sequencing experiments. Scalability and flexibility of cloud-based information platforms make it a critical tool in precision medicine research and NGS data collection. This rapidly reduces the cost an organization incurs while storing the large amounts of data produced in fields such as Genomic Research.
As the field of genomic research gets more and more collaborative between teams and organizations, the need to seamlessly share data without compromising the integrity of the research has become a priority. Even in the case of individualized sequencing, patient privacy is paramount. Cloud based information platforms today offer all these benefits to its users. Around the world more and more government organizations have also increasingly relied on these platforms to scrutinize private pharmaceutical data.