Launch of the first clinical analytics app at Humber River Hospital

In today’s hospital command center, Ontario’s Humber River Hospital (HRH) has introduced a fresh clinical analytics application, or ’tiles’. The technology is a world-first created in combination with GE Healthcare Partners (GHEC) to provide hospital employees with real-time risk information for patients.

The ‘ tiles ‘ analytics visualize early warning systems, predictive analytics and professional knowledge across various digital systems to provide vulnerable patients with an ‘added layer of security’. The application will show data on a large-scale monitor at the hospital’s command center, increase staff’s awareness of risk occurrences and negative results, as well as enable more precise and effective action if the conditions of a patient change during therapy. Experienced nurses at the command center will support the latest technology to assist front-line clinical employees.

According to information provided by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute for Health Information, at least one out of 18 hospital stays throughout Canada consequence in one damaging case. This type of mistake has cost the hospital an estimated CA$1 billion in fiscal year 2015-16 and has an impact on patient recovery.

The scheme can flag any high danger they may encounter and notify appropriate caregivers through the HRH command center to offer an illustration of the Mother and Baby care tile. Since 2005, the hospital underwent a digital transformation when a fresh location was opened in Ontario. Two years later, HRH introduced the first iteration of its command center, laying the basis for the application of state-of-the-artrt technology while enhancing operational efficiency within the HRH.

Jeff Terry, CEO of GE Healthcare Clinical Command Centers said they anticipate the outcomes of this job at the next level, are committed to the achievement of HRH and are pleased to innovate with them for years to come.