United Nations Children's Fund

Launch of rapid response by United Nations Children’s Fund after the first cases of Ebola & confirmation of deaths in Uganda

An urgent Ebola response plan has been launched by The United Nations Children’s Fund in Uganda after there was confirmation of the primary 3 cases of the deadly ‘Ebola Virus Disease’ which spread in the country in the last 2 days.
Amongst the cases was a boy who was only 5 years old, who went with his family to the nearby DRC which is the Democratic Republic of the Congo and when he returned to Uganda on the 9th of June, he passed away on Tuesday. he was transferred immediately the night before his death to the Bwera Ebola Treatment Unit located in Kasese.
The grandmother of the boy also passed away because of the same virus in Kasese district the very next day after her grandson’s death. There are almost 400K children who are living in the Kasese District.
The United Nations Children’s Fund’s modification in its response phase consisted of months of preparations and then precaution efforts as there has been a rise in the cases of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Doctor Doreen Mulenga who happens to a representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund in Uganda passed the following statement: “as our considerations are with the family of the young boy who died, this is an awful reminder that Ebola’s one cases are equivalent to one too many.” She further said: “We should do whatever that is possible to put a pause to this outbreak and make preventions of other deaths. United Nations Children’s Fund is increasing its efforts in doing so and to curtail the distressing impacts of the outbreaks on the children, as well as, on the community as a whole as much as possible.”