Last Thursday Vincent Lambert passed away in the morning

The renowned French man whose brain was damaged & was in a state of weakened consciousness for eleven years, Vincent Lambert, passed away last Thursday at 8:24 am. His family had struggled a lot over his medical care. After getting the court’s approval, doctors halted his water & food supply. It took him 9 days to pass away.

Even though his wife claimed that he had said he would not desire to live in such a damaged state, there weren’t any written instructions with his end-of-life wishes.

It was reported by French media that his parents have planned to sue his medical team. Whereas euthanasia is not legalized in France, doctors are still allowed to put terminally ill patients into deep sedation until they die. Parents of Lambert have contended that even though their child was severely handicapped, yet he was not terminally ill.

Just like the case of America’s Terri Schiavo, this has triggered controversy around the globe. Thousands upon thousands of people in critical stages like coma in nursing homes could be at risk of having their nutrition and hydration withdrawn if doctors & courts accept the reasoning behind the decision to allow Vincent Lambert to die.

Reactions to his death reflected how France is divided on the issue of euthanasia for the disabled. The nephew of Lambert, Francois Lambert stated that it is a real relief for us since Vincent had been the victim of absurd medicine for years. It had to stop.

As per our expectations, Pope Francis tweeted that May God the Father hail Vincent Lambert in His arms. Let’s not create a civilization which discards people those whose lives we no longer consider to be worthy of living: every life is valuable, always.

What was shocking was that Michel Houellebecq, the controversial & internationally acclaimed novelist agreed with the Pope.