Laser Mini-Magnets to shoot up Cloud data speed by 100 times

A study suggests mini-magnets that are laser activated helps the data on the cloud to process 100 times faster than the current speed. Chemists have found a new material made of magnet that advances the storing capacity and speed of hard drivers in cloud-based servers. The new technology can change the uploading time from minutes to seconds.

The credit for this discovery of the magnetic material which is known as a single-molecule magnet goes to scientists of the University of Edinburgh. A chemical bond is used for giving the required magnetic properties to the compound and controlled by shining rapid pulses from a laser. The magnet stores the data and also can be accessed for further use with the help of laser pulses lasting one-millionth of a billionth of a second.

The probable estimation is the speed of processing the data on hard drive fitted with magnets is increased 100 times.
The benefits of this technology are that they will save on energy i.e. it will be noted energy-efficient technology that will emit carbon equivalent to the aviation industry. Currently, the hard drive works on a magnetic field developed by an electric current through a wire that generates heat, but to astonishment, this technology of laser-activated mechanism contains heat production.

Dr. Olof Johansson, University of Edinburgh’s School of Chemistry, said the need to develop new technologies to increase the speed of data storage is increasing day by day, so their findings include the capacity and energy efficiency of hard drives used in cloud-based data system which consume enormous power to operate and keep cool and also helps in creating the next generation of data storage devices.