IVF law debated over following the increase in protests

IVF law debated over following the increase in protests

On Tuesday, a debate in the French Senate rose over a bioethics bill, following the uproar of many thousand individuals when they marched through Paris to show their protest of the state funding for medically aided procreation for lesbian couples as well as single females.

Michel Aupetit, the Archbishop of Paris, before the protest commenced on Sunday, stated how a child is a gift and not a product to be manufactured. He added how a father’s absence is an injury that can befall anyone, but to inflict it knowingly is monstrous.

Individuals criticizing the bill outlined numerous bioethical questions when it comes to in vitro fertilization, such as the storing of the embryo, the anonymity of the sperm donation, preimplantation diagnosis, and the generation of ‘savior siblings.’ Savior siblings are embryo developed through in vitro fertilization to use the stem cells in their umbilical blood for the treatment of an ailing older sibling.

Archbishop Michel Aupetit has a history in medical practice and teaching of bioethics at a medical school prior to coming into the priesthood. Archbishop Aupetit stated how it is vital to increase awareness regarding the possible damaging outcomes of this legislation for the most vulnerable beings.

On the 15th of January, Archbishop Michel Aupetit released a statement saying that for many years they committed themselves to a commercial drift of rich nations that can afford to establish a eugenic trade with the removal of that which is most fragile, the development of transgenic embryos and chimeras.

The Catholic bishops of France have been very vocal about their opposition to the bioethics bill.

In last year’s October, the Catholics of France were called by the Diocese of Seez’s Bishop Jacques Habert to fast before the bill was went over in the National Assembly.