Italy’s Wuhan gets Coronavirus Radio Station


  • Codogno the “Wuhan of Italy” has a Radio station
  • The Radio station is a huge relief for quarantined Italians

Codogno, the epicenter of coronavirus which was in the global headlines, now has a local radio station by the name of Radio Red Zone, which is a sigh of relief in terms of human life on a daily basis. Codogno being the epicenter of the virus is under quarantine as offices, markets, schools and colleges are closed due to a total lockdown. The Italians there felt detached as socializing is the very basic aspect of Italian culture.

Amidst such quarantine, people feel a sense of relief as they hear the voice of Pino Pagani, a radio presenter who is 82 years of age, especially aged people like his radio show. He constantly keeps motivating Italians through his radio messages about being optimistic in such harsh times, to which people have responded positively.

This radio station was set up during coronavirus breakout through Radio Codogno’s local frequency. Italians are provided with latest information from the government, twice daily. Local information like the medical ward timings, post offices and shops opening hours and such other relevant information. Government officials, medical experts are called on air to enhance the awareness and precaution measures against the virus.

The deaths in Italy due to the virus have increased to 148. In the past two weeks, COVID-19 cases have reached to 3,858 in Italy. The Italian government is taking all the precautionary measures necessary and leaving no stone unturned to curb the further spread of this deadly virus.