Is digitising the answer to healthcare

Is digitising the answer to healthcare in Canada?

With the growing use of technological intelligence, the healthcare industry is taking a turn in creating an impact on the citizens. Using the assistance of a well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, Canadian healthcare organisations are looking at adopting digital healthcare services to improve their current situation in the healthcare industry. Using healthcare innovations, customer-driven models and a stringent regulatory system, Canada hopes to fight their position in the ranking system, as they have one of the lowest, in comparison with other OECD countries that have opted for universal healthcare systems.

Amongst the many challenges that Canada hopes to address with the adoption of the digital healthcare system, some of the solutions that it wishes to incorporate answers to the basic issues faced. To compensate for the fees paid to the physicians, the Canadian government would ensure adequate, fair and revised compensation for virtual consultations. Along with this, a common strategy would be used to adopt better healthcare innovations, while further encouraging an entrepreneurial culture in the sector which will encourage new solutions for healthcare.

Using the emerging need for data science and data analysis, Canada will be incorporating an effective policy framework for better and secure digital healthcare solutions. This will help Canada improve their standard of living for the citizens, giving them a reliable system to depend on for their healthcare.