International practice emphasized through exchange programs

International practice emphasized through exchange programs

Pacific pharmacy students got to familiarize themselves with their profession around the globe.

During last year’s fall, 4 third-year pharmacy students at Pacific took active part in international Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience courses.

In an exchange program in Tokyo with the Hoshi University, Jennifer Nguyen took part along with Aimy Ung. The students were thrilled to take part in a practical research project during their time at Hoshi University. On the other hand, in an exchange program with Musashino University, Sarah Li and Samantha Umetsu took part. During their fruitful time, the students were able to direct their attention to regulatory science. They also got to visit clinical research establishments as well as the PMDA. PMDA is the equivalent of FDA in Japan.

While on their exchange programs, the students were able to go over and investigate how societies differed in their handling of controlled medications. The students also witnessed the integration of traditional medications with Western medications in the treatment of ailing individuals.

The students were also allowed to let lose through multiple occasions of sightseeing. They were thrilled to experience authentic Japanese food. The students found it eye-opening to be able to interact with Japan’s local pharmacists as well as its pharmacy students.

The Pacific University School of Pharmacy is set to be host to 2 pharmacy students from Masashino University for the very first time in February. This year, the university will also begin presenting a new international APPE association with India’s Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara College of Pharmacy.

The Office of Global Pharmacy Education and Research at the Pacific University is increasingly on a lookout for additional opportunities for exchange students to visit and intermingle with the pharmacists from Portland. If you, or someone you know, is hoping to share your experience, you should refer to the director of the Office of Global Education and Research, Marina Suzuki. Email address: