International Conference on Vaccines and Immunization on March 16-17 2020, London UK


  • Innovations in the field of Vaccines and Immunization
  • A great opportunity to be a part of the current global vaccines scenario

Vaccination has a significant and a vital role to play when it comes to the human health across the globe. As humans explore the world through their lifestyle, it may be experimenting with travel or food or such other options. In the course of such exploration, there is always a risk of getting affected by a totally unknown virus. A recent example can be that of the coronavirus or swine flu in the recent past. Pharmaceutical companies, medical experts and research scholars work on vaccines for such types of virus. Therefore the vaccines market is ever growing as consistent research, upgrades and innovations are a part of the process.

The 33rd conference on an international level for vaccines and immunization on March 16-17 2020 to be held in London, UK aims at exploring possibilities in the form of advancements, scientific research and an opportunity to meet the experts in the field. This conference will be a global stage for discussions on topics like types of immunology, immunotechnology, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and others. Scientists, immunologists, students, medical professors will be a part of this conference. This event comprises of sessions on various topics of relevance like cancer and TB vaccines, HIV vaccines, DNA and synthetic vaccines, pediatric vaccination and such other topics.

The global market for clinical immunology has a huge scope in terms of achieving financial growth. This market has the potential to attain around 5.80 billion dollars by 2021, progressing at compound annual growth rate of 11.5%. The rising demand for immunological treatment and diagnostics makes this sector the one with a rising graph.