International Cannabis comes into India marketplace; they have their tactics for the Supply of the Premium Cannabis to the India’s Vast Addressable Patient Population

ICC International Cannabis Corp is pleased to announce it has completed a US$1.5 million strategic investment into the Indus Cannabis Company Corporation, a private entity actively pursuing cannabinoid commercialization within the Republic of India.

Indus Cann has entered into a three-year exclusive Research and Development Partnership Agreement (the “RDPA”) with the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (“IIIM”). The IIIM is a premier national research institute under the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (“CSIR”) of India, dedicated to the discovery of pharmaceuticals derived from natural products such as medicinal plants and microbial species.In collaboration with the IIIM and the CSIR, Indus Cann has been mandated with:The detection and subsequent commercialization of cannabinoid-derived pharmaceutical compounds for the Indian marketplace;Establishing clinical cannabinoid efficacy and expediting clinical pharmaceutical pathways for phyto-pharmaceutical products;

Collaborating with Indian state and federal agencies to devise sustainable cannabis regulations, including commercial production, import/export and distribution;The development of SOPs, in preparation of India’s highly anticipated commercial cannabis cultivation regulations;Comprehensive mapping and cataloging campaigns of over 500 unique landrace cannabis genotypes and phenotypes, specifically sourced from the widely celebrated Hindu Kush and Himalayan regions;

Indus Cann also anticipates receipt of an Indian cannabis import/export license, which is expected to permit the export of EU-GMP certified medical cannabis to the European Union (“EU”) and the Asia Pacific region. In anticipation, the Company is currently working to design and construct the first purpose-built EU-GMP complaint Indoor Grow, Processing and Packaging Facility.