Indian scientist breakthrough the cancer walls

Indian scientist breakthrough the cancer walls

A very basic test pricing around 15000 very helps patients now to determine cancer,if it’s new or it’s the one with a relapse. It’ll help them to counter it too

The liquid biopsy-based test is named as Oncodiscover, it’s the main job is to discover cancer cells which are infused with blood before they start affecting the immune system.

It is developed by a scientist from Pune named Jayant Khandare. According to him, it’ll help us determine new techniques to fight against cancer and also ways to execute the current technique more proficiently. Khandare said that the test will be launched in India under a plan in around September. The ultimate goal is to launch the test for global betterment.

Khandare is the main authoritative scientist at Actorius Innovation and research Pvt. limited, where he is the founding member too for the start-up found in 2013. It is being well-funded for such innovations by the union government ministry itself.

Research-to-clinic specimens are very rare in India, Khandare claims Oncodiscover to be a part of it. He also says that Onco can help to discover cancer cells floating in the blood even if it’s concentration is extremely low.

The test has already received a green signal from the central drugs standard organization, which happens to be the chief body in regulatory works.

The test is the second of its type after the US produced one similar. But Khandare claims the Indian version to cheaper and precise than it’s US counterpart.