• Indegene and ConTIPI Medical Ltd have forged a partnership.
  • Indegene and ConTIPI Medical Ltd partner
  • This partnership aims to bring innovative disposable non-surgical device to medical devices market.
  • This device is meant to help women suffering from POP.

Global enterprise Healthcare Technology (Healthtech) solutions company Indegene, and ConTIPI Medical Ltd have forged a partnership. ConTIPI Medical Ltd is an innovator in the field of providing non-surgical solutions and disposable solutions for women who are suffering from various pelvic floor dysfunctions.

The latest partnership aims to introduce a new device called ConTIPI’s ProVate to the medical device market that is meant to help women suffering from Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). This device is disposable and non-surgical. The United States Food & Drug Administration (USFDA) has stated that POP occurs due to the pelvic floor’s tissues and muscles being unable to support its organs. This can cause a drop or prolapse of the pelvic organs from their normal position into the vagina and sometimes even outside the body.

Approximately 54 million American women who are in age-groups above 20 years old, are suffering from POP. The current treatment methods for POP include mostly either an invasive surgery which have up to 30% failure rate, or the use of non-invasive pessaries. These pessaries are vaginal devices that require a physician’s care to insert and remove.

A ready-to-use device, ConTIPI’s ProVate device is inserted vaginally by the user herself. The user needs to use an easy-to-use applicator. Once inserted, the applicator is discarded, and the device opens within the vagina. It provides support to predefined specific sites along the vaginal walls. After use, the user can pull a string that collapses the device back into a small dimension for comfortable removal and disposal. This is very similar to the use of a menstrual tampon.