In Canada you do not get a bill in your hand after visiting a doctor

This isn’t a bang on Democrats. The debates of republicans three years back were no better. There isn’t any option of alternatives for keeping the answers short when the candidates have sardined a stage.

Is it not clear that they value the intensely generated media interest? Too many of the candidates stressed this week that the Democratic Party is turning way too far towards the left, which was uplifting, if probably pointless. The public option in the healthcare was thought as too extreme, which is why it was omitted by the former American President Barack Obama. Now as compared with the Medicare for All, it is the moderate position, which is being endorsed by , Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Julian Castro, and WarrenBill de Blasio, , with couple of reservations, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris.

As you might expect, Elizabeth Warren and Sanders were in complete outrage mode regarding the corporate anti-heroes who are drawing us dry. It is not a sign of being politically mature that those politicians who are the most successful now are just looking for some target to be blamed. They are now demagogues. They would blame greedy corporations, billionaires, immigrants, foreign competition or tycoons. Claim of the Warren that the billionaires, as well as, the giant corporations will be footing the bill for her MFA, which was countered by the claim of the rival Trump that Mexico would be paying for his wall. It was pointed by the Sanders to the nation across the river from Detroit to make Americans feel shameful for not making the health care as a “human right” in this country.

It is true that all the citizens of Canada citizens, as well as, the legal residents get free health care, however, only in the sense that you don’t get to have a bill in your hand after visiting any doctor or a hospital. Medical care is funded by taxes, however, the price comes in another form as well ‘rationing’.