In a first Veterans Affairs to inaugurate a fully 5G-enabled hospital in California

The Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, California has recently announced to inaugurate a hospital completely equipped with 5G enabled health facilities for the first time in the world.  According to a statement released by VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, the operations in this regard are set to begin this week.

The 5G network capabilities will enhance the delivery of telesurgery services to Veterans, explained VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. This will further allow Veterans Affairs to allow their physicians to consult during surgery, “even if they’re not in the same room and are halfway across the country.”

In addition, the new development will also curb the waiting times for appointment and thus pave way for better healthcare. The new venture will also touch upon improved telehealth services, virtual reality care services, and precision oncology program. This will further also provide targeted cancer care for veterans based on their genetic profiles. In addition, Wilkie also pointed out to a pilot program created to develop exoskeletons which stimulate the spinal cord.

“Instead of the exoskeleton moving the patient around, the patient can increasingly control the exoskeleton as their own muscles are reactivated,” explained Wilkie. “With further research at VA, we are hoping to turn the exoskeleton from a mobility device into something that trains injured people to walk again under their own power.”

The VA is the first institution to invest in 5G technology and promote growth in telehealth, in addition to other key patient engagement tools.  This will be made possible through edge computing, a cloud-based IT service environment at the edge of the network.