In a first, AI designed medicine to be tested on humans

Considered as a breakthrough discovery, Exscientia- a drug developed entirely by using Artificial Intelligence will undergo a test, the first of its kind of an AI designed medicine on humans.

Reports suggest the medicine was designed a remedy for the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. For the endeavor, Sumitomo Dainnipon Pharma of Japan partnered with Exscientia to create the drug which further helps to analyse the genetic data of a patient and also finds molecules and genes which could be further used in the new medicine.

Among several other advantages, the human trial stage for the AI developed drug shortened to the period of just one year, whereas it usually takes four years.

In the wake of the situation, CEO of Exscientia commented, “The news that the drug has now gone through a clinical trial shows that AI can be used not just to help diagnose disease but it can be used to solve one of the hardest challenges in medical research which is the creation and design of new medicine.”

He further also added, “One of our key motivations is to accelerate the range of innovative drugs from cutting edge science that can then enter the clinic, and this then increases the range of treatment options available to patients.”

He however also confirmed that it was uncertain if the AI designed drugs were better than the conventional medicines, however the AI drug is designed with the help of accurate algorithms and is a qualified precision-engineering product.

Furthermore, the AI drug evokes a lucrative opportunity for global investors, since deep learning and machine learning have become the most funded areas in healthcare technology.