Immunotherapy could cure cancer and make your pet cancer resistant


        • Doctors take out the old cells and make them new again
        • T-cells stay in the immune system forever

Immunotherapy has been around with the humans for years now, and in few cases, it has been extraordinary as compared to the others, it is a process in which doctors take out the old cells and make them new again, it is believed to be an effective way to fight cancer because unlike any other method immunotherapy does not directly go and target the disease, instead, it unblocks the immune system and lets it fight the cancer cell.

This method offers pets with cancer a unique way to fight the disease, the process starts when the patient is connected to a machine, this machine filters out the blood, the veterinarians then collect the t-cells (cells that can fight off the disease), these cells are further modified in the lab and expanded into millions, then these cells are reinserted in the patients, these t-cells then find cancer and eradicate the disease.

This therapy is believed to be best for the dogs as they know exactly what kind of cancers they develop, blood cancer is best suited for this kind of cancer as it eradicated the cancer cells completely, while all other known therapies had a little or no impact on dogs, the method, however, is still in trial phase and is not available to dogs in clinics.

Although whenever it does become public, it is a given fact that the treatment is not going to be cheap, on the bright side your dogs might only need the therapy once. Because once the active t-cells are reinserted in the dogs, the go find the tumor and kill them, but unlike regular t-cells, they don’t die, instead they stay in immune system forever so they can keep battling all other diseases, and this can be the most powerful cancer cure for dogs in coming future.