Human testing of anti-coronavirus drugs to commence soon in the USA

The untreatable Coronavirus has so far infected 80,000 and killed more than 2,700 individuals globally, but the virus could soon lose its invincible tag, as the treatment of Coronavirus could soon be on the rise, as the first study from the United States of America to cure the virus is on its way. The news of drug testing surfaced on Tuesday (25th February 2020), as the government health officials warned that the virus could easily and eventually spread through the continent.

The clinical trial and testing of drug safety and effectiveness of antivirus drug started in the University of Nebraska Medical center located in Omaha, the first volunteer of the test is a US citizen evacuated from the Diamond princess cruise docked in Japan. The US currently has 60 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and the United States officials have asked the citizens to be prepared as the number could soon rise. President has assured the citizens of the USA that the country is ready to spend whatever is required to safeguard the people.

FDA has stated that without a proper medicine to cure coronavirus, the mortality rate in the United States could be similar to that of China. The Chinese even with high-quality healthcare setup faced a mortality rate of 2%, so the situation in the USA could reflect the same results.

Remdesivir, is the drug that is being tested for treatment of coronavirus, this drug was previously tested on humans for Ebola, while as it was tested on the animal during the MERS and SARS. Participants of the US group for treatment will be injected with 200 milligrams of Remdesivir when they’re enrolled in the study, and they would be injected with additional 100 milligrams in the course of 10 days when they are hospitalized and a secondary group will receive a solution that resembles Remdesivir but with all the inactive ingredients.