How India is safe and virus free even after 2 months of breakout



  • High-level monitoring of Airports
  • Best quality laboratory for examining the effect of the virus


Coronavirus cases have reached 50 countries, leaving Antarctica the only continent unaffected the disease, the virus is affecting more and more people outside of china globally over 80000 cases have been already reported, while India hasn’t had a single case after the first 3 cases found in Kerala, there have been no new cases of coronavirus what-so-ever, the 3 cases found were also discharged from the hospital after they recovered, which brings down the tally to Zero.

How did India manage to achieve this feat?

Harshal R. Salve, Associate professor, AIMMS explained “India has implemented rigorous screening procedures at all ports and placed in a strong quarantine system to deal with suspected coronavirus cases”, however, given the pace at which coronavirus is reaching new places, Indian cannot let its guard down. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned it would be a terminal mistake for any country to assume that it would not get hit by the COVID-19.

Vivek Nangia, pulmonologist, Fortis hospital said there are many reasons for how India managed to tackle the COVID-19, one of which being once notified, India instantaneously began large scale examination at all its international airports. Patients were tested for coronavirus by means of thermal scanners and individuals who were suspected of symptoms were directly isolated and quarantined. Observing and containing the mobility of passengers traveling from highly affected areas has also helped.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister had on Thursday praised the coordination between various wings of the administration for the evacuation of Indians and foreign nationals from coronavirus-hit zones. India remains protected against coronavirus due to the strict surveillance of tourists flying from overseas. The specialists have taken the highest care by confining the movement of people suspected of having coronavirus by admitting them to isolation wards. Best in class laboratories in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi has made it possible to diagnose the affected instantaneously.

The supposed patients were cleared only after making sure that they didn’t display any signs or indications of the above-mentioned condition. WHO has warned that the global situation has reached a decisive point and has a pandemic potential as the number of deceased reached 2788 on Friday.