Hope for some good news as Jack Ma’s Alibaba and Naspers’s Tencent jump in to fight Covid 19



  • Entry of Chinese giants from the field of technology is expected to involvement of Artificial intelligence and other technology to fight corona virus.
  • Role of cloud computing in the terms of diagnostic and delivering solutions.


Chinese giants like Alibaba and Tencent have always been huge pillars in the field of technology, their contribution towards the globe is enormous. The news of these mammoth techno-companies right from Alibaba, Tencent to Baidu, Huawei and DiDi brings in some hope as all of them have launched new tech features related to health in order to diagnose and find a vaccine for this global epidemic.

Unlike U.S tech companies like Apple and Microsoft, who also aimed at doing the same, these Chinese companies have started working on it, with the help of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. The first step towards stopping the virus is being the expansion of surveillance capabilities in order to aid government track people affected with it.

Alibaba has in fact launched a clinic service on its platform named as Alipay and taobao, which works online in the region of Hubei province, where initially Corona was out-break and had maximum number of cases and is now extended to the people of Beijing. Along with this their research arm has also developed an algorithm to analyse CT scans and is been used in 26 hospitals across different cities.

While on other hand, Tencent who runs country’s most popular messaging platform has integrated a feature called ‘chatbot’ in its app ‘Wechat’, which assists users with questions related to corona and get them basic diagnosis. Tencent has openly stated that they are willing to bring super-computing facility to help researchers find Vaccines.

Along with these, Companies like Baidu, Huawei and DiDi are also working in order to get the situation under control. Efforts taken by these techno giants is definitely a good news for the people.