High Blood Pressure and Obesity: 2 sides of the coin

High Blood Pressure and its uncanny obsession with obesity is known to all with little or no doubt remaining in anyone’s mind that obesity is one of the all-pervasive forces behind high blood pressure. Though, the reason behind this phenomenon is still at large, Obesity at most times can be seen as a fallout for lack of exercise and a sedentary life style.

Obesity is a high risk factor for rising blood pressure levels, though researchers are still confounded over the relationship between the two. It is suggested that the scientists could cast a glance at the endothelium-the cells on the interiors of the blood vessels. Some school students turned their gaze to the endothelium to gauge how obesity could lead to high blood pressure.

This caused all the students to study in detail the human tissue samples and mouse models.

The blood vessels dilate and contract so as to monitor blood flow through them and the scientific reason behind this is the omnipotent calcium signalling, Calcium ions communicate with cells by regulating vasodilation and signals an increase in the blood pressure.

Yet it is largely unclear to what the obese individuals and high-blood pressure have in common.  It is a protein TRPV4 that is present in the endothelial cells keeps adrift the normal blood pressure. However the proteins are completely at loss in the obese individuals when they do not carry out their duties and do so only in myoendothelial projections. These are specific linarites of endothelial cells.