Health Canada seizes illegal Etobicoke shop health products

Health Canada seizes illegal Etobicoke shop health products

Health Canada said it has confiscated from a supermarket in Etobicoke many illegal health products.

The confiscated products were sold at Excel Beauty Supply in the Albion Mall, Etobicoke, including six prescription skin products. “The six prescription skin products may pose serious health risks such as weakening of the skin, low or high blood pressure, blisters or scarring,” the department said in a press release.

“The skin products are creams and gels that are marketed for different uses, including skin whitening, fading discoloration, and spot reduction.”

Health Canada reminds people that prescription drugs should only be used under a health care professional’s guidance and supervision because they are used to treat specific conditions and can have severe side effects.

The goods impacted are H20 Jours Naturel Cream Aloe Vera.

H20 Organic Papaya Cream Nights.

Nadinola Formula Skin Extra Strength Discoloring Fade Cream.

Neoprosone-Forte Jelly.

Visible Remover Cream Spots Contrast.

White Express Advanced Formula Quick Action Powder.

Health Canada warns people who may have ordered the items not to use them.

Consult a healthcare professional if you have used any of these items and have health concerns.

It also advises customers to scan product labels to ensure that Health Canada has approved health products for sale. An eight-digit Drug Identification Number (DIN), Natural Product Number (NPN) or Homeopathic Drug Number (DIN-HM) for approved health products.