Health Canada grants approval to Jubilant Radiopharma for Drax Exametazime®

Health Canada grants approval to Jubilant Radiopharma for Drax Exametazime®

Jubilant Pharma Ltd.’s Radiopharmaceutical Division, Jubilant Radiopharma publicized today how the firm had been granted approval for Drax Exametazine® by Health Canada. Drax Exametazine® is a kit for preparing Exametazime for leukocyte labeling, which is a nuclear medicine imaging procedure which aids physicians in locating intra-abdominal infection as well as inflammatory bowel disease.

The chief executive officer of Jubilant Pharma, Ltd., Pramod Yadav stated how they were delighted to finally have Drax Exametazine made available to Canadian patients. He added that this approval by the Health Canada is in accordance with their chief strategy of delivering their clients innovative and differentiated nuclear medicine goods utilized for the diagnosis, as well as curing, of ailments.

Drax Exametazime is a radiopharmaceutical used in nuclear medicine so that doctors are aided in their process of identifying infections in individuals where the infection’s source is unable to be precisely pointed out. Drax Exametazime has already been granted approval in the U.S. It is vital to identify the infection’s source if one intends to properly diagnose and classify the ailment. Identifying it is also the primary step in generating an effective treatment plan for the ailing individual.

The President of Jubilant Radiopharmaceuticals Division, Sergio Calvo stated that the approval granted by Health Canada further shows the increased commitment by the Jubilant Radiopharma business to progress in nuclear medicine, and that it also helps their mission of bettering lives of individuals through the help of nuclear medicine. He stated that they are committed to delivering healthcare experts with the finest quality radiopharmaceuticals and reliable advanced technologies set up to allow for improved patient outcomes throughout the world.

Jubilant Radiopharma is a leader in the industry when it comes to radiopharmaceutical business focused on the progress, production, marketing, and distribution of quality diagnostic and therapeutic goods to improve people’s lives through nuclear medicine.