Hashtag Trending – Moving TV from LG, Google AI assists in health care, the new privacy rule

Hashtag Trending – Moving TV from LG, Google AI assists in health care, the new privacy rule

Happy New Year to all! And welcome back to a new Hashtag Trending segment. Get used to learning more about rollable TVs as LG announces a new one, Google announces a technology room breakthrough, and California’s new privacy legislation kicks in.

Hashtag Trending on Amazon Alexa Google Podcasts sticker-on Reddit’s 200 px wide Trending is coverage of the latest updates from LG. LG Display claims it will be showing off its projector-like rollable TV at CES 2020, and according to the designs shown by the firm over the past two years, this new version of LG rollable TV will roll down from the ceiling just like a projection screen instead of unrolling up from its case.

This TV can be easily placed in the wall, rotated if required and rolled back when not in use. The firm will also be launching at the show for the first time a new, thinner, 48-inch OLED TV set.

AI is transforming the working world dramatically across all industries, including the healthcare sector. Google Health has developed a program of artificial intelligence that is said to outperform expert radiologists to spot mammograms for breast cancer. The app, which is gaining traction through social media, detects tumors that have been overlooked in the photos by Google specialists. The device is still to be scientifically tested.

Then now, the new privacy legislation in California, which came into force in the new year, is catching the interest of everyone. The California Consumer Privacy Act requires customers to require that businesses reveal what data they have obtained, erase their data, and prohibit them from selling their data to third parties. Many critics call the new laws the most detailed U.S. legislation on privacy. Of example, the way users agree to the use and selling of personal data is one of the biggest challenges in the field of privacy–most people have no idea what they are consenting to. Reuters says that supermarket lobbyists continue to oppose the new laws, To call them all too ambiguous.

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