• Grow Pharma and Tilray have signed a deal regarding medical marijuana export.
  • This deal opens the door for export organic medicine such as medical marijuana export to UK.

Tilray’s medical marijuana products are coming to United Kingdom (UK) market soon. The Canada-based Tilray has reached an agreement with a British company called Grow Pharma. This agreement is going to facilitate Grow Pharma to import Tilray’s green medicine (such as medical marijuana) into UK from Canada. The financial terms of this deal were not disclosed to media.

Both business partners expect the availability of goods in UK by MAR 2021. In UK (and many other European countries), marijuana consumption and use, is allowed only by people who have been expressly granted permission by doctors for the same. National Health Service (NHS) issues certificate to grant permission for this. As the demand for medical marijuana is increasing in UK, Tilray is a leading supplier of medical cannabis products. Sascha Mielcarek, the managing director (MD) of Tilray Europe, said that regulations are progressing, more and more countries across Europe recognized the benefits of medical cannabis, along with its potential to improve patients’ quality of life.

The new agreement is one more step taken by Tilray in the direction of international expansion. This company has a 2.7 million-square-foot facility Portugal where cultivation of cannabis takes place. They recently secured the permission to sell marijuana in Portugal. They signed a similar deal in Portugal under which they are exporting cannabis to Spain.

Tilray’s presence is growing in Europe and as Aphria, which operates a medical marijuana distribution company in Germany called CC Pharma is merging Tilray.