Google Steps Further Into Healthcare With Fitbit Acquisition

Google Steps Further Into Healthcare With Fitbit Acquisition

With the reports on Amazon’s Health Navigator acquirement coming just a single year in the wake of getting PillPack – around a similar time that Google got Fitbit – there should be little vulnerability that the human administrations’ scene continues encountering a seismic move. To be sure, it has been throughout the latest five years.

By 2020, $24 billion will be available for social protection tech spend (as shown by check from Statista), and it is clear to all of the titans—Apple, Google, Amazon, Salesforce—that the greatest battleground in the tech world is and will continue being human administrations. In addition, while the specialists have been part of whether this Google-Fitbit marriage is a wearable play or a human administrations play, without question: this is a therapeutic administrations play.

How Google Could Transform Healthcare Tech

Google’s ability to add up to and analyze an enormous number of reasons for data step by step from Fitbits’ 28 million customers could really be an insightful consistent unmistakable favorable position in driving modified prosperity recommendations and intercessions.

Google couldn’t land as quick without Fitbit (Google Fit has quite recently 2.6 multi-month to month extraordinary customers) and, as Fitbit CEO James Park communicated in a progressing meeting with Time, “The restorative administrations structure is phenomenally amazing, and it takes working with an assortment of tremendous players to have a significant impact.” He furthermore shared Fitbit’s own longing to “make this stuff we’re tackling available and open to a similar number of people the world over. In addition, we can simply do that by working with the greatest players in therapeutic administrations.” And that would be Google.