Google being tainted for displaying Ads related to Coronavirus

Since inception of coronavirus, there has been rampant advertisements of products such as sanitizers, gloves, masks et al being promoted. This has been strictly disallowed in the current scenario with companies facing a tough time impressing them upon the policy violators.

This works true even for Google which is coming under fire for placing such Ads which capitalizes off coronavirus. This is true with respect to sites that are displaying ads related to the virus in associate sites.

Till Wednesday noon, Google had already displayed ads that were strictly to be avoided as per laws. This can be said of many small firms also who were simply exploiting the news by using big online platforms for this propaganda. This is true with Facebook also that dissuaded sites from proclaiming to cure or prevent coronavirus and also using wrong tactics to falsify emotions and long for a product that is simply by all means untrue.

Small ecommerce players took this as an opportune moment by using big ecommerce platforms for their own ends while big players were left as simply bystanders for not keeping an eye on what’s happening at their tail.

Take for example, Google advertised masks for people which will serve to protect against coronavirus and is in limited sock. It states as “Government approved to block up to 95% of airborne viruses and bacteria. Limited Stock”. The accompanying photo shows a 3M mask approved for 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil-based particles.

Google justifies its claim by saying that its shopping rankings are based on search queries as these with ad based relevance.