Global Summit on Oncology and Hematology to be held in Berlin


  • Sessions on ovarian cancer and cancer nanotechnology
  • Oncologists, Hematologists and research scholars to attend the summit

Oncology, an aspect of medicinal science deals with treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Cancer, a common name given to a group of related diseases. An individual can get affected by cancer in any part of the body as cells start behaving abnormally and might convert into tumors.

A consistent research has been going on in this field medical experts. Hematology is a study of treatment, causes and prevention of blood related diseases. The treatment of common blood disorders like hemophilia, anemia, leukemia comes under hematology.

The global summit on Oncology and Hematology will be held on September 24-25 at Berlin, Germany. This will be the biggest event with regards to future medical strategies on Cancer. Medical experts, registered nurses, clinical oncologists and such other people who are a significant part of the patient care and proficient scientist fraternity will be attending this summit. Also people who are keen about the tumor immunotherapy and immunology, diagnosis and illnesses of types of cancers related to the organs can always enhance their knowledge by being a part of such summits. This summit aims at audience such as radiologists, hematologists, pathologists, oncologists, research scholars, students, entrepreneurs and Oncology association and societies.

This summit will be divided into twenty sessions, few of which are cancer prevention, hematology and pharma industry, key role of pathology in cancer, hormonal therapy, cancer nanotechnology, chemotherapy, ovarian cancer and other sessions of medical relevance.