Get your health checkup at $30 as Walmart plans to take over Trillion dollar Healthcare Industry

City of Calhoun, Georgia witnessed its first economical Health Center and only second in the country. This health center by the name of ‘Walmart Health’ is set up by America’s largest retailer Walmart. This center was opened in January, while the first one which is in Dallas, Georgia was established in September, 2019. Walmart being a giant in the country’s retail market is now trying to capitalize on the opportunity of taking over this trillion dollar industry as the same is being confirmed by Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillan.

The reason behind choosing Georgia to commence was stated as those two towns have higher rate of chronic diseases and very few number of physicians as compared with rest of the country along with increasing costs and problem of accessibility. Walmart has identified the problem that an individual with no health Insurance faces and is working towards giving health services to every person at an affordable price.

At Walmart Health, the treatments for chronic illnesses like Diabetes and heart diseases are provided, even if one has no health insurance. One can also get access to other services like routine health checkups, X rays, Eye exams and Dental checkups that too at extremely reasonable prices ranging from $30 to $60.

This initiative by Walmart will definitely help them to fight competitions from companies like Amazon etc. and the centers alignment with Walmart supercenter will also show a positive trend in their sales. It also looks that Walmart tries to capitalize on the fact that there is no relationship establishment between retail clinics and consumers and emerge as a recognized healthcare brand.