Germany to look forward to the scope of Digital Medicine

Germany to look forward to the scope of Digital Medicine

The annual meeting of medical internists in Germany took place in Wiesbaden in May 2019, which was attended by around 8,300 physicians and experts, as well as 2,000 patients.

The 125th Congress of the German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM) looked forward to the scope of digital medicine and the opportunities, risks, and perspectives in connection with major topics such as intensive care medicine, rare diseases, non-drug therapies, and health research.

According to speakers at the congress this year, the main motto was focused to use the digitization tools effectively in order to facilitate earlier diagnosis and better treatments.

Professor Claus Vogelmeier, the chairman of the event said that they ultimately want to gain more time to turn to the patients which they believe can be achieved with digital medicine if used properly.

The conference showed concern at big data and data security, as well as personalized colorectal cancer screening and the potential for digital tools in specific diseases such as thyroid carcinoma.

According to Professor Vogelmeier, Doctors should not be controlled by fears, but they should be hopeful and optimistic, while Frank Ulrich Montgomery, president of the German Medical Association (BÄK), argued that Germany was behind in terms of digitizing its healthcare system, particularly when compared to other modern industrialized countries.

Frank said to the delegates in the event that in many developing countries, the possibilities and opportunities of digitization have been used and understood much more than in Germany.