French classes at Ruijin Hospital

On Tuesday, Ruijin Hospital received a visit from high school and university students who wanted to familiarize themselves with the Ruijin Hospital’s traditional French medical observances and teachings.

The Ruijin Hospital organized the “medical experience camp”, 8th of its kind. The hospital visit is part of the camp. 49 students from local high schools and universities took part in the hospital-organized tour, among them, 7 were French exchange students.

During the tour, students paid a visit to the hospital wards, operating theaters, and the hospital’s simulation area where they met up with doctors to talk about how their medical observances had been effected by France. According to the hospital, nearly every department they have has doctors fluent in French.

A senior medical student studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Mei Jualun, stated how this was the very first time they had been exposed to such an activity.

Jualun added how he believed it was a huge opportunity in the sense that it made him familiar with some medical observances and operations thoroughly. He stated how the tour of the hospital was a practical demonstration of everything they had studied in their books.

Another student, Cheng Ran, who is set to begin his internship at the Ruijin Hospital from the coming semester, stated how it was refreshing to converse with French medical students and observe what the books could not teach him.

A French student visiting the operation theater, Laurie, stated how she was thankful to the hospital to be able to experience and observe new things.

The Ruijin Hospital’s head of nephrology department, Zhang Wen, said that the French classes were introduced following the reform and opening up at the Ruijin Hospital.