France’s forgotten golden age of medicinal marijuana

France’s forgotten golden age of medicinal marijuana

This past summer the French food and drug workplace, the Agence National American state Security medication, greenlit restricted medical cannabis trials within France, one thing that’s been smuggled since 1953.

Many have applauded the move as a very important commencement toward rational, public health-oriented cannabis regulation in France. The Agence National Security medication equally praised the trial for its ground-breaking efforts to supply “the initial French knowledge on the potency and safety” of cannabis for medical therapies. this can be all well and sensible. However, once it involves cannabis, a peculiar historical cognitive state looks to be a fascinating French medication. These trials aren’t the nation’s initial efforts to supply scientific knowledge on healthful cannabis merchandise. far away from it.

‘A drug to not be neglected’

During my analysis into the history of intoxicants in trendy France, I found that within the middle of the nineteenth century Paris functioned because the geographic point of a global movement to medicalize soft drug, associate degree intoxicant made up of the ironed organic compound of cannabis plants.

Many pharmacists and physicians then operating in France believed the soft drug was a dangerous and exotic intoxicant from the “Orient”—the Arabo-Muslim world—that may be tamed by pharmaceutical science and rendered safe and helpful against the era’s most horrifying diseases.

Starting within the late decennary they ready and oversubscribed hashish-infused edibles, lozenges, and later tinctures—hashish-infused alcohol—and even “medicinal cigarettes” for an asthma attack in pharmacies across the country.

Throughout the decennary and decennium, dozens of French pharmacists staked their careers on the soft drug, publication dissertations, monographs, and peer-reviewed articles on its healthful and scientific advantages.