France may allow Amazon to sell medicine online

A bill has been introduced in France with regards to the rules for online sale of medicines. However, it has created serious concerns among pharmacists in France.

According to the bill, medicines which do not require any prescription could now be ordered online. Recently the health ministry had decided to take measures to decrease the consumption of Paracetamol and Ibuprofene and now with the availability of the online platform for medicines, sales of such medicines would be encouraged.

The president of the Union of Pharmacists Syndicates, Mr. Gilles Bonnefond said that it was madness to sell medicines online. Druggists in France are now concerned by the recommendation from the country’s opposition expert that selling of some medicines should be legal in supermarkets.

More than 25,000 pharmacists in France aim to fight against this in order to allow an easier sale of pharmaceuticals. Emmanuel Macron, the economy minister in 2014, tried to break their monopoly, in order to fight back, the pharmacies in the whole country were closed for the day and the idea of breaking their economy was dropped on the same day in the evening. Online sales are already permitted but one can order only from the existing pharmacies websites.