France-based Chinese embassy located woman cheated airport checks for coronavirus

France-based Chinese embassy located woman cheated airport checks for coronavirus

According to reports, a woman travelling to Paris from Wuhan boasted on a social media platform how she had evaded airport checks by administering fever medication to lessen the appearance of her symptoms. Reportedly, Wuhan is where the coronavirus originated.

BBC wrote how the woman, who was not named, posted on WeChat how right before she left she felt feverish and had a cough. She wrote how she was scared and quickly administered medication to reduce her fever. She continued to check her fever and wrote how she felt lucky to had brought it down, resulting in a smooth exit.

Having originated in Wuhan, a city of China, coronavirus is thought to have moved to human via a snake. The virus was first reported to the WHO on the 31st of December. Ever since its first occurrence, over 900 individuals have succumbed to it. As of Friday, nearly 26 individuals have passed away because of the coronavirus. Cases of the virus are reported from France, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan.

Resultantly, China has cancelled large-scale gathering and closed off cities by stopping public transportation. The country has managed to isolate over 30 million individuals.

The first city that experienced a lockdown was Wuhan. The woman appeared to have left Wuhan prior to these measures, as stated by BBC.

She shared pictures of eating dinner at Lyon.

She wrote a post which stated how she could finally enjoy a good meal. She added how she felt like she had been starving for 2 days. Her post on WeChat saw much criticism from other users of the social media app, according to the report by BBC.

Chinese officials at the embassy in France received complaints regarding the woman by the people who came across her post.