France- Africa Summit

France- Africa Summit

For a two-day summit France-Africa on the drug and counterfeit medicines on the Continent, President Yoweri Museveni came to Togolese capital Lome. The President came to the international airport of Gnassingbe Lome-Tokoin Eyadema and welcomed the Senator Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe from his host.

The conference was organized by the Brazzaville Trust, a British-based organization that is funded by the Sir David Richmond HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

The “Lomé Project,” which is supposed to end illicit drug distribution and use, and to tackle a lethal trade that takes hundreds of thousands of people in Africa and fuels transnational crime and terrorism each year, is expected to drive to the Foundation of Brazzaville.

The foundation is managed by an international consultative committee of renowned individuals, including former Premier Amama Mbabazi of Uganda who attended the airport to receive the President on behalf of the foundation. Ministers and representatives of both governments and community groups in Togo were also in charge of welcoming the man.

The members are expected to sign an agreement to criminalize illegal drug trafficking. The goal is to encourage governments to collaborate and to facilitate the involvement of other African nations.

WHO estimates that around 100 000 people in Africa are killed every year by taking falsified or unusual drugs. According to estimates, the global value of illicit pharmaceuticals in exchange with Africa in the worst affected regions is up to US$ 200 billion annually.

The expansion of this parallel — and deadly — the industry has been facilitated by inadequate regulation, poor health services, and widespread poverty. Africa accounted for 42 percent of the world’s confiscated fake medicines since 2013. According to researchers, antibiotics and anti-malarial antibiotics are the two most likely to be obsolete or defective clones.

He will be speaking today as President who serves the East African country. East Africa is one of the areas experiencing rising opioid and counterfeit risks.