Fort St. John-based Shoppers Drug Mart leads in gathering funds for women's healthcare

Fort St. John-based Shoppers Drug Mart leads in gathering funds for women’s healthcare

The Shoppers Drug Mart based in Fort St. John increasingly outperforms its regional and national competitors when it comes to gathering funds for female healthcare.

The Shoppers Drug Mart collected a total of $21,648 through its campaign known as ‘Love You.’ The campaign took place between the 5th of October and the 1st of November of last year, and managed to raise the highest amount of funds regionally, and the second-highest amount of funds nationally.

The raised funds will be presented to the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation for the purchase of an arthroscopic camera head for its surgical dept. The arthroscopic camera head will produce good quality pictures vital for gynecology laparoscopic as well as various other general surgical measures.

Tammy Koponyas, the manager of the store, expressed her gratitude towards their clients for their continuous and ever-growing support and generosity during the campaign, ‘Love You.’

She added how the store is very thankful to the thoughtful and kind community they are a part of and have the pleasure to serve.

Ever since 2011, the ‘Love You’ campaign has managed to collect a total of over $68 million for female healthcare throughout Canada.

The ‘Love You’ campaign is based on the idea of a Growing Women’s Health Tree, which is prominently showcased at all partaking locations. While at the store’s cash registers, clients have the option of buying a paper icon. This icon could be in the form of a leaf, a butterfly, an apple, or a bird, depending on the amount of money the customer intends to donate for the cause.

This year, the stores also hosted popular Beauty Mingle events which aided in making the fundraiser the most successful one of all the campaigns that have taken place until now.