For the establishment of Canada-wide Artificial Intelligence Health Data Platform, the Government of Canada has announced a grant of $49 Million

An announcement has been made by the Canadian Government about an investment award of up to $49M in the Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP), which is basically a connection of partners who are seeking to develop a state-of-art Canada-wide health data platform. By means of this platform, the doctors & researchers will be working together to boost the development of latest and more customized treatments which would help to find a cure for the diseases which the people of Canada are suffering from. While the initial focus of the platform will be on cancer, the future plan is the expansion into further areas of medicines.

Regarding this, the Honorable Minister of Science, Economic and Innovation Development, Navdeep Bains passed the following statement: “This investment is very promising as it not only tends to enhance the future of the health of Canadians but also to do it with the solutions which are made in Canada. By utilizing the strengths of Canada in the Artificial Intelligence and the health research, we are assisting in the ushering of a new era where there will be the availability of more personalized care which means that there will be better outcomes of health. We are very excited to see the results of the fresh biosciences & health innovations which will come from this collaboration.”

The 4-year project will be leveraging the Imagia’s EVIDENS ArtificiaI Intelligence discovery platform & the clinical teamwork ecosystem. EVIDENS makes it able to federate the learning on the data of patient across various hospitals and combines multiple creative minds in not just Artificial Intelligence but also in healthcare to empower the discovery at volumes. The clinical researcher will also be empowered by this platform from various pan-Canadian institutions for deriving the result-based insights from real-world evidence.