For the endowment, a wealthy couple vows to donate $100 Million which is one of Canada’s biggest legacy gift

A rich couple who built their luck by owning a horse racing track in Ont is vowing more than a $100 Million for supporting health research taking place in their community. The massive donation they are giving will give encouragement to others to repeat the same.

Margaret Juravinski and Charles made an announcement after donating millions to support the healthcare initiatives that they will be creating the multi-dollar endowment which will one the of the greatest heritage gifts anyone ever gave in Canada.

The couple by means of a letter addressed to the community. They wrote: “We have learned this with the time that when someone shares their resources this itself becomes a drug, one with healing as well over joyous effect. If you put it simply, there is nothing in the world you do that could make you feel as better as you do when you help others.”

They further said: “We receive great pleasure when we think that after we leave, our legacy may result in the good health of those who would come after us in this community.”

The endowment will be providing up to $5M every year in the eternity to the Juravinski Research Centre, which will be supporting the Saint Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, McMaster University as well as the Hamilton Health Sciences.

The funds will further provide support to the researches that are taking place across a diverse range of fields, inclusive of the diseases of aging, lung and respiratory care, cancer, and the mental health, etc. a committee consisting of 8 members will be setting goals and then establish the priorities of spending for the money.

In the letter, the couple described how they grew up poor and then went through the phase of depression, and watched their parents face challenges to make the ends meet.

“We still have not forgotten the degradation and the hardships that our parents endured while trying to raise their families. There were times where there were apparently no resources at all. This example gave us the motivation to make sacrifices to make our future financially secure.” They described.