First confirmed coronavirus case in Canada

First confirmed coronavirus case in Canada

Ontario-based health officials have confirmed the very first presumptive case of the latest virus in Canada.

The province’s associate chief medical officer of health, Dr. Barbara Yaffe, stated how a man, aged about 50, who visited Wuhan, China, was sent to Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital. It is reported that the man is now stabilized and currently in a negative pressure room.

On Saturday, when speaking at a news conference in Toronto, Dr. Barbara Yaffe how they were informed of the results from the laboratory only today. She stated that the emergency service was fully aware of the patient’s history of travel and used all precautionary measures during treatment.

Even though the coronavirus case has been confirmed by a test in Toronto, officials have not yet completed distinct testing by the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases in Winnipeg. Once that testing has been completed, the virus will be confirmed officially.

This news of the first occurrence of coronavirus in Canada arises as authorities throughout the globe try to cope with the nest kind of virus. The coronavirus first originated in Wuhan, China. Since then, it has made its way to North America and Europe.

Authorities around the globe haved stated over 1,200 cases of the coronavirus up till now. Of these, 2 were known to occur in the U.S., whereas 3 came up in France.

When speaking to a news conference, the chief medical officer of health for Ontario, Dr. David Williams stated how the health care system of the province acted exactly how it should have.

He stated that consequently, the people of Ontario are at a lower risk, and things a well under control.

Even though, in China, 41 individuals have died because of the coronavirus, the WHO has not yet called it a global public health emergency.