Europe implementing precautionary measures to curb coronavirus

Italy as of now has 350 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Eleven people have died in Italy due to this virus. The Italian government has quarantined almost a dozen towns in Veneto and Lombardy, closing down schools and cancelling public events. This situation has sent an anxiety shockwave through Europe. The European authorities are working towards precautionary measures to control the further spread of this deadly virus as Spain, Austria, Croatia, Greece and France have confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) is confident that it can curb the further spread of this virus as the European authorities for public health had an idea of the severity of this situation so they were already prepared. The ECDC is hopeful that a situation similar to Italy will not arise again. Countries like Germany, Greece and France are of the opinion that they could apply constraints like Italy if necessary to curb the virus. The European authorities have left no stone unturned as they are taking additional steps so the situation does not get out of hand.

France is ready with around 108 hospitals to admit, quarantine and look after coronavirus patients. It has also increased its capacity for testing in Marseille and Paris by almost 1400 per day. The health ministry of Germany has allotted 23 million euros for effective control of coronavirus as it is well prepared for future with context to the virus. The cases till now in Germany are comparatively low as only 18 cases of covid-19 have occurred till date. Switzerland has enhanced lab testing capacity and also strengthened border crossing measures with Italy. U.K has also prepared against the covid-19 virus and has ordered a number of schools to close down as an additional safety measure and advised its people to self-isolate in case they have any symptoms of the virus. Overall, Europe seems to be prepared but the coronavirus does have a possibility of becoming a potential pandemic.