Highlights –

  • EU authorizes AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine for adults throughout 27 nations.
  • The European Medicines Agency unanimously recommended the vaccine to be used.
  • The vaccine is said to be 60% effective, in comparison to Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine.
  • The vaccine is said to be cheaper and easier to handle than some other vaccines.

The European Medicines Agency’s expert committee unanimously authorized AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine for use in adults throughout the European Union on Friday, amid criticism the bloc is not moving fast enough to vaccinate its population.

According to the agency, although concerns had been raised this week that not enough data exist to prove it works in older people, and some countries indicated they may not give it to the elderly, the committee unanimously recommended the vaccine to be used in people 18 and over.

Hours later, the EU gave its backing for the vaccine’s use throughout its 27 nations.

According to reports, the vaccine appears to offer less protection than ones already authorized With trials showing about 60% efficacy. However, experts have said any vaccine with an efficacy rate of over 50% could help stop outbreaks.

The vaccine is comparatively cheaper and easier to handle than some other vaccines, with orders for 300 million doses to be delivered after authorization and options for another 100 million doses.

EMA’s decision authorizes AstraZeneca’s vaccine to be used across the bloc, but individual countries can still decide how and to whom they will give the doses they receive.