ePRO and e-Patient Diaries is The New Way to Get Healthcare in Record Time:


  • ePRO market valuation to reach $3 billion by 2025, according to sources.
  • Emergency health diagnosis to get a boost.


eCOA [Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment] or ePRO [Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes] and e-Patient Diaries are the emerging trends to look out for in 2020 in the healthcare industry that promise to bring easier and affordable access to healthcare for all. Deploying ePRO, a number of pre-determined questions regarding symptoms or other aspects are posed to patient on his computer or a smart phone. The responses of the patient are then examined to understand the current condition

Using computers and smartphones predictive algorithms can be designed so as to alert the patient and his healthcare professional in case of deteriorating health of the patient. This also eliminated the huge cost the patient has to bear to visit an ER Facility. Thus, the information shared with the healthcare experts can be accurate and in real time using ePRO and e-Patient Diaries.

Patients can also initiate a medical examination using ePRO as any point of time without having to wait for an ER visit, which usually is huge cost burden. Healthcare professionals are also able to custom design questionnaires for a particular individual based on the requirement of his condition. This is also a significant step in controlling the misinformation that is usually passed on without specific medical knowledge of the patient’s condition.

Another important application of this revolutionary technology can be to help doctors identify a patient’s condition in the early stages of its development. As more and more people get interconnected using the internet and computers, an early diagnosis with an eventual aim of prevention, is very much in sight.