Environmentalist and labor unions calling for measures to prevent lead pollution

One of the largest labor unions of France and environmental groups have called on Monday for better measures to make sure that cleanup work at Notre Dame does not expose the nearby residents or the workers to hazardous levels of lead.

The regional administration of Paris postponed the task of cleaning up the well-known Paris cathedral in the previous month due to pressure from various labor inspectors who were concerned about health risks from the masses of lead which burned in the April fire.

It was planned by the administration to continue the work this week with firmer decontamination procedures and equipment to make sure that none of the releases of contaminating elements affects the outside.

However, representatives from the CGT union and environmental groups stated that they are not satisfied with the safety measures and they think they are not adequate. They called for a regularly updated chart demonstrating the level of lead in the air.

Environmental and labor groups are also making efforts for the creation of a medical center for monitoring the health status of workers, firefighters, as well as, the residents.

Masses of tons of lead was in the spire of the Notre Dame and there was melting off the roof during the fire, which came near to the destruction of the cathedral.

According to the regional health agency of Paris, levels of lead remained lifted at some of the spots inside the Cathedral, as well as, in the soils of the nearby park and forecourt. Those areas have been shut down to the public as from 15th April.

On Monday, the union officials and environmental activists, during a news conference, called for a building of a containment shield over Notre Dame to prevent the lesser release of lead into the air.