Ebola to cure Brain Tumors

Ebola to help cure Brain Tumors

In the wave of Coronavirus across the world, people seem to have forgotten the infamous Ebola in the rush. However, scientists haven’t yet given up on this deadly virus yet. Researches being carried out at the Yale University have been focusing on the use of Ebola virus in curing brain tumors.

Ebola is extremely lethal as it attacks the immune system like the HIV and makes the body prone to several kinds of infections and diseases. This eventually kills the infected. It might seem extremely dangerous and perhaps insane that a deadly virus is being used for curing the brain, the most delicate organ of the body. However, there is more. Ebola has been chosen for this research because despite the fact that Ebola attacks almost all the organs of the body, it hasn’t shown any particular interest in the brain. Hence, this characteristic of the virus has made it an option which can help curing the brain tumors.

Viruses were used in the research previously, however, the host organisms immune system managed to kill the helpful virus instead of killing the cancer cells first. That is not the case with Ebola. This virus has seven genes and one of which allows it to prevent the triggering of the immune response towards the virus. This gene is also responsible for the encoding of glycoprotein which is an important constituent of the virus.

A novel ‘duo-virus’ was formulated by the researchers which contained glycoprotein from the Ebola which was stuck on another virus VSV. Lethal features of both these viruses were deactivated which resulted in the formation of a cure against the deadliest of the brain cancers called glioblastomas.