eggs for breakfast

Eating Eggs For Breakfast Might Be The New Diabetes Medicine

Diabetes is a very common disease between humans that affects a large population. It can be obtained from an unhealthy diet, living style or even genetic reasons. However, many studies have been conducted over time that tackles diabetes to help prevent it, stop it, treat it or control it. There are many different types of diabetes where some are more extreme than others. This contains type 2 diabetes which is the most aggressive form of diabetes.

However, a recent study conducted by UBC Okanagan’s School of Health and Exercise Sciences led by Associate Professor Jonathan Little have found evidence that eating eggs for breakfast might actually be beneficial for treating diabetes or controlling it.

“The large blood sugar spike that follows breakfast is due to the combination of pronounced insulin resistance in the morning in people with T2D and because typical Western breakfast foods–cereal, oatmeal, toast and fruit–are high in carbohydrates,” says Jonathan as a comment on his results.

This is due to the fact that eating eggs for breakfast conveys a diet of high-fat, low-carb which is a what acts well on diabetes. According to the study, breakfast is the most important meal that tackles diabetes due to the nutritional value it adds.

The study included some participants who ate eggs for breakfast while the other meals were identical for a few days. The results obtained from each patients showed a better response for their diabetes.