‘Drive-Through’ testing method Begins in South Korea to detect COVID-19

  • South Korea starts drive-through testing
  • Easy detection technique
  • Drive Through Testing details

There are various creative ways with which people are fighting Coronavirus. The newest addition to this is, in South Korea, where the people are tested at the drive-through at McDonalds & Starbucks. In the city of Goyang, the northern part specifically is experiencing an easy way to detect Coronavirus. 

Drive Through Testing Method Know-Hows

The process is when the drivers pull out their cars in parking lots, they are met with health workers in Hazmat Suits. The motorists when driving into stations there are nurses in protective plastic suits, masks and face shields, who check the temperature of people checking in and out and take their throat and nasal samples. This whole process is called a drive-through coronavirus testing site. 

There are many advantages linked to this type of testing method like it is easy and safe to get tested here than to go to a hospital. The mayor of Goyang, Lee Jae-Joon, said there is less face to face contact with this type of testing plus there are chances of people infecting each other if they are kept indoor. So this outdoor testing frees us from that risk. He further explained that many drive-throughs at places like Starbucks have come to South Korea and the health officials took inspiration from them. Moreover, the time consumed in the drive-through testing is less and the person gets tested without even getting out of the car.

Korean Health System under pressure

The frontline workers are unaffected due to outdoor testing, containing the spreading of the virus. The pressure is built on the Korean health system. The rate at which the disease is spread is appalling. The various questions asked while the screening is the location history and symptoms. The drive-through started on 26th Feb 2020 that found 384 people tested. The total testing centers, as of now are 500 in number and the people tested are then 1, 00,000. The results are up within 3 days and are sent via SMS. 

The potential contenders having the disease base on their symptoms and history are tested. Also, the people moved out of Daegu, are tested on priority. All the noted people living in Goyang, who are the part of Shicheonji are tracked down. 

However, the weather is not very supportive of this test as the severe cold conditions don’t allow the workers to stand still in this tough weather. The workers mostly are covered by heat pads, gas heaters. They clean themselves with hypochlorous acid disinfectant after the shift ends.