Documents of the Operation Yellowhammer warn the UK might face the lack of food and delays in the provision of the   medicines

In accordance with the events that have taken place recently in the wake of the present governmental issues, Boris Johnson is now coming across a very renewed and refreshed  pressure  to recall the  Parliament right after the Prime Minister was given the pressure and was also forced for the purpose of exposing and revealing that  actually as a matter of fact  a no-deal Brexit has the potential to give rise  to the shortages and the lacking aspects of the field of medicine, other prices of different products that may also contain food have risen and  a lot of delays and postponements are also seen in the trades of very major and also vital cross-channels.

At the event of the release of the assessments that were based on the operation that is basically regarding the upraise of the YellowHammer all of the oppositions have been stopped and are not seen to be in action and have seized.  The resistance seized on the emancipation of Operation Yellowhammer estimations of the effect of abandoning the EU without having signed a treaty to be determined about the return of MPs to Westminster.

The official document that holds as the status of the agreement between the concerned parties and is being given the due importance and significance consists of five very important pages, this official document is basically believed and also said to be the assessments made by the government that was for planning and was very much wanted to be a reasonable document but as the events unfolded, unfortunately, it proved to be the worst planning case possible in this date and time. The document was basically a way of exit of the no-deal program which became public at the demand of MPs and also proved to show that very major and serious hold-ups at the ports of channel can occur, and also with “significant” electric power price reaches to the peak due to different factors and a return to a tough border in the areas of Northern Ireland.