Doctors in the US give out a straightforward warning: Don’t Vape!

Dr. Dixie Harris is very clear about the dangerous effects and illnesses that electronic cigarettes can cause therefore he has a very straightforward and honest warning for all the people out there: Do Not Vape!

The person who is said to be the pioneer in raising awareness and ringing the bells of warning concerning all the youngsters who are now onto a new venture of getting addicted to the new technology of electronic cigarettes was the Utah pulmonologist. According to her, all of the people who are into vaping regularly are getting severely ill after their vape sessions. 28 cases of extreme illnesses caused due to vaping are now being reported by the health officials of the state.

All the cases that are reported by the health officials of the state have the youth involved in them. Especially the teenagers or adults who are in the addiction of using electronic cigarettes and other devices that are related to vaping. They could be used for the intake of nicotine or THC that is the mind changing material in the drug called marijuana. Signs include shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue, nausea, chest pain and also vomiting.

Unfortunately, this addiction has also proved to be fatal for some people involved in it and they ended up dying due to vaping. On the minimum, two persons with the illness that the doctors could not even guess have died — one of them in Illinois while the other one in Oregon.

Canada is yet to be said free of the illnesses caused due to vaping or using electronic cigarettes but their Health sector and also the very famous Agency of Canada for Public Health are monitoring the United States’ situation in this concern.